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the dyslexic reader

Hi my name is lovely and im dyslexic and I love to read. I think my dyslexia is a super hero power. When I read the words disappear and all I see are pictures. Its like being at the movies only way better!!

Book two in the Mythos Academy Series

Kiss of Frost - Jennifer Estep

Well the plot thicken. Gwen is back for her second year or is it semester at mythos academy. She has to get extra training since the reapers are determined to kill her . This is both a food and a bad thing because the training is with her boy crush Logan. She also has to deal with trying to move on past her mother s death and her feeling of guilt. This christmas will be the first Gwen has spent without her. In order to get her mind of things ( (like logan and her mother ) and the fact that someone is trying to kill her Gwen decides to go to the weekend winter carnival.



Gwen learns more about her power,strength, and friendship along the way. By the end of the trip she will come to know the truth behind her mothers death, the chaos war and her role in it.

Touch of Frost

Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep

This was a great start to a series. The series is called mythos academy. Its a bout a girl named Gwen who lives with her mother and sometimes her grandmother ( only when her mom has to work late). They are a gypsy family each with their own "gift". Gwen can tell what people are thinking just by touching things that have ( they leave a kinda of imprint on objects).  She uses her gift to make a bit of money on the side and help people find things. Her mother can tell if some one is lying or not and she is a cop, while her grandmother can see a bit into the future and she is a fortune teller.

Sometimes Gwen's ability gets the best of her and she just has to know someones secrets, its like a compulsion almost. This compulsion eventually winds up putting Gwen in a new school where she can learn to control her ability better. She goes to a school where all the kids are rich and descendants of mythical, magical people and beings.

So far  she and her family are the only gypsies gwen has ever met and she is not even sure if she believes everything she is being told ( maybe because she is not being told everything yet) but she will soon learn she is more than what she thinks. If you like greek mythology and magic then I bet youd like this book too. Its well written and action packed. And not filled with too much teenaged angst.

I am the youngest in my family too

Wolfie the Bunny - Ame Dyckman

This was a super cute book about how a little bunny girl named Dot feels when her family adopts a new baby. Dot suspects something is up with the new baby and he might not be what he appears to be at first glance, and she is right!! Super fun and quick read that really captures how a kid feels when a new baby comes into the family.

All of the loose ends!!!

Darkwood - M.E. Breen, Molly Breen




I thought this book was just good, not bad, not great but good. It looks like the author was hoping to get a multiple book deal that never manifested. I thought that the young protagonist, Annie was plucky and resourceful, but the ending left me with too many unanswered questions. It felt like Ms Breen was expecting to delve more into them in later books.  Here is what the book jacket said and what made me borrow this from the library:Darkness falls so quickly in Howland that the people there have no word for evening. But for thirteen-yearold Annie, the dark is almost soothing compared to the misery of her cruel aunt and uncle's house. When Annie finally escapes, she finds herself on a journey that will take her deep into the forest-where fearsome creatures lurk-and to the glittering halls of a palace.

I wish it had been better, or at least made more sense.

My 2015 Book Challenges

So I have decided to get back on the book challenge band wagon to help me keep focused on  what im reading and not to have giant pauses in between books. So here are the challenges that I will be taking part in for 2015.



1. The  2015 Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading challenge. Im going to do level Bronze which is just 10 books and you can sign up for it here.



2. Im entering the TBR reading book pile over at bookish blog. I have a long tbr list and I need to get cracking so I chose the 50 or more level. You can check out the rules here.


3. Im going to read at least 100 books this year and log them here, maybe even blog a lot of them here too. 


Any other challenges I join between now and 16 Jan Ill add here.




Happy reading everyone

Reading progress update: I've read 0 out of 399 pages.

The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa

Yeah  I think I rad to many Kagawa books back to back so i never even cracked this one open. I'll come back to it later

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - H.P. Mallory

I was shelving at work ( I shelves books for the library) and this books cover caught my eye. I am a sucker for paranormal romance and this was no exception. I would say they are my guilty pleasure, but i feel no guilt about what I read. This is a light heart romp about a new witch named Jollie. She is super powerful cause she can reanimate people. 

There are warlocks, werewolves ,fairies, and vampires all wanting Jollie for one reason or another. Its up to her to choose and to learn to wield her new found powers, protect her bestie and herself  from a nasty powerful witch and to protect her heart from those who would seek to use her.

This aint no english lit, its light hearted fun and im here for it all day long.

book give away!!!

Diversity in YA is celebrating their one year tumblr annniversary by giving away books. go enter to win!!! 



a heroins journey

Huntress - Malinda Lo

i really like this book. Its a prequel to Ash ( wich is a retelling of cinderella) and really its just set in the same world a few centuries eariler. I thought that this time around Malinda lo did a better job of world building and connecting me to the chracters. This is your basic heroes journey with really strong young women going on the adventure. it has magic and fighting and romantic tension, sacrifice and fairies to boot. I love heroes journey stories and this one has all the right elements. I Like how Ms Lo has a diverse cast of chracters and I cant wait to read more form her