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the dyslexic reader

Hi my name is lovely and im dyslexic and I love to read. I think my dyslexia is a super hero power. When I read the words disappear and all I see are pictures. Its like being at the movies only way better!!

Touch of Frost

Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep

This was a great start to a series. The series is called mythos academy. Its a bout a girl named Gwen who lives with her mother and sometimes her grandmother ( only when her mom has to work late). They are a gypsy family each with their own "gift". Gwen can tell what people are thinking just by touching things that have ( they leave a kinda of imprint on objects).  She uses her gift to make a bit of money on the side and help people find things. Her mother can tell if some one is lying or not and she is a cop, while her grandmother can see a bit into the future and she is a fortune teller.

Sometimes Gwen's ability gets the best of her and she just has to know someones secrets, its like a compulsion almost. This compulsion eventually winds up putting Gwen in a new school where she can learn to control her ability better. She goes to a school where all the kids are rich and descendants of mythical, magical people and beings.

So far  she and her family are the only gypsies gwen has ever met and she is not even sure if she believes everything she is being told ( maybe because she is not being told everything yet) but she will soon learn she is more than what she thinks. If you like greek mythology and magic then I bet youd like this book too. Its well written and action packed. And not filled with too much teenaged angst.