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the dyslexic reader

Hi my name is lovely and im dyslexic and I love to read. I think my dyslexia is a super hero power. When I read the words disappear and all I see are pictures. Its like being at the movies only way better!!

Book two in the Mythos Academy Series

Kiss of Frost - Jennifer Estep

Well the plot thicken. Gwen is back for her second year or is it semester at mythos academy. She has to get extra training since the reapers are determined to kill her . This is both a food and a bad thing because the training is with her boy crush Logan. She also has to deal with trying to move on past her mother s death and her feeling of guilt. This christmas will be the first Gwen has spent without her. In order to get her mind of things ( (like logan and her mother ) and the fact that someone is trying to kill her Gwen decides to go to the weekend winter carnival.



Gwen learns more about her power,strength, and friendship along the way. By the end of the trip she will come to know the truth behind her mothers death, the chaos war and her role in it.