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the dyslexic reader

Hi my name is lovely and im dyslexic and I love to read. I think my dyslexia is a super hero power. When I read the words disappear and all I see are pictures. Its like being at the movies only way better!!

a heroins journey

Huntress - Malinda Lo

i really like this book. Its a prequel to Ash ( wich is a retelling of cinderella) and really its just set in the same world a few centuries eariler. I thought that this time around Malinda lo did a better job of world building and connecting me to the chracters. This is your basic heroes journey with really strong young women going on the adventure. it has magic and fighting and romantic tension, sacrifice and fairies to boot. I love heroes journey stories and this one has all the right elements. I Like how Ms Lo has a diverse cast of chracters and I cant wait to read more form her